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25 questions / Disney Pinoy Ako The most/est Movie Quotes World Capitals

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Year 3 Art

20 questions / colour theory Famous artists Masks Miscellaneous

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Random Jeopardy #5

25 questions / Art 5 Science 3 Econ 4 Statistics Social Science 3

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25 questions / General Glycans Glycan Sample Prep Glycan Analysis HIC Review Bio Review

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A.M.S. ART #3

20 questions / words with art in them foreign colors Places to view ART "C"-words

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The Mrs. Baum doesn't know what to do right now GAME

25 questions / Labeling Circuits Types of Circuits Teacher Knowledge Math Unit 1 Review Language Art Review

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The Art of Language 3

25 questions / Literary Terms Stages of Plot Word Parts Grammar and Punctuation Wise Make an Inference

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Nutrition Facts

25 questions / History Guide Lines Pyramid Labels Nutrients

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25 questions / Procedures Expectations Elements of Art Elements Continued First 3 weeks

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25 questions / HHM 1 Elements of art HHM 2 Hughes HHM 3

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21 questions / What is an Art Critique? Step 1 of an Art Critique Step 2 of an Art Critique Step 3 of an Art Critique Step 4 of an Art Critique

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PSYCH 156 Midterm 2

25 questions / Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Empirical Articles/BTBG

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Order from Chaos

20 questions / Proximity and Enclosure Illusion of depth Illusion of motion Craftsmanship and presentation

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Ramy's Jeopardy Review #10

25 questions / Art 3 Music 2 Lit Stories Art 5 Science 2

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Chapter 4 Study Aid

25 questions / Social Factors Social Structure Theories Social Process Theories Theory and Delinquency Prevention Cultural Deviance Theory and Critical Theory

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All about Nutrition Labels

25 questions / The History of Food Labels Restaurants Basic Facts Behind the Label Random

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Chapter 2: Michigan's First People

25 questions / Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Mapping

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Random Jeopardy #3

25 questions / Art 2 Lit Stories Art 4 SocSci 1 Music 3

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Art/Holiday Jeopardy

25 questions / 2d Art Holiday Movies 3-d Art Holiday Music Bonus

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Criminal Deviance Test

15 questions / Deviance Terms Misc

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BA 161 Midterm

20 questions / Art of the Start Chapter 1 Chapter 3 Chapter 6

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25 questions / Museum Mile ABCs Fortune 500s You're Canceled! City or Landmark

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Hazard Communication

25 questions / Chemicals Chemical Classification Labels Safety Data Sheets Employer Requirements 1 similar game

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Strip Labeling

25 questions / Not Detected Irregularly Irregular or Not Above the Ventricles Fake Fake Fake Who's your company?

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Fall 2023 HUMA 1301 Review (online classes)

63 questions / Overview Philosophy Ch 3 - Mythology Literature Overview of Art Art from Different Time Periods Music 3 similar games

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Enter Title

20 questions / Graphic Representation Exploring Area & Perimeter Generic Rectangles Distributive Property and Factors

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Crim Exam 3 Part 1

25 questions / Labeling Theories Developmental and Life Course Theories Sentencing Theories Procedural Justice and Defiance Theories Assessing Criminology Theories

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HAZMAT Technical Specialist Course

25 questions / Chapters 1-3 HAZMAT Items Listing Hazard Class / Divisions Marking & Labeling Attachment 17

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Enter Title

25 questions / Vocabulary Solve Multi-Step Equations 2x + 3 = 17 Write an equation Labeling Integers

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Elevate Quiz 2024

25 questions / Product Mix Prevention and Detection Human Interaction with manufacturing Process Etching Culture & Customer Wild Card

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Managing the Classroom

25 questions / Effective Strategies Classroom Set-Ups Positive Learning Environment Barriers to Effective Communication Management Strategies

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Chapter 6. - Time and Motion - Vocabulary Jeopardy -

20 questions / TIME IN ART (1) TIME IN ART (2) TIME IN ART (3) MOTION IN ART

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25 questions / DBT DBT 2 DBT 3 DBT 4 BONUS

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Social Deviance - Test 1 Review

25 questions / Origins & Definitions of Deviant Behavior Moral Panics Theoretical Approaches I Theoretical Approaches II Theoretical Approaches III

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Jeopardy of CS Champions

20 questions / Name the Platform Speakers/Tubing Models/Domes Accessories/Miscellaneous 1 similar game

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Black Facts pt.2

25 questions / Art General 1 General 2 General 3 General 3

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Spanish 201 Part B

25 questions / Art Chapter 3 Coco Chapter 4 Culture

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Global Prehistory Review


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Speak Review II

25 questions / Marking Period One Marking Period Two Marking Period Three Marking Period Four Short Answers

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Chapter 7 of The Giver

25 questions / Labeling Numbers #1 Vocabulary Mixed Review #1 Mixed Review #2 Mixed Review #3

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25 questions / Labeling Translation Vocab Labeling and Translation Misc.

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IOP Jeopardy

25 questions / Coping Skills Triggers Communication Thoughts and Feelings A Lil Bit of Everything

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Enter Title

20 questions / General Glycans Glycan Sample Prep Glycan Separations HIC Review

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Girls Group Jeopardy

25 questions / Self Esteem Bullying Friendship Drama Social Media Labelling

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figure 12.11a 3 of 3 (2024)


What is the largest danger associated with a blood clot that's lodged in a cerebral artery? ›

When an artery is blocked, the brain cells (neurons) are unable to create ample energy. After some time, these cells stop working. Blockage for more than a few minutes is hazardous because the brain cells may die due to lack of supply of blood. Instant medical treatment is critical under such situations.

Is choroid plexus might be producing too much cerebrospinal fluid? ›

People with choroid plexus tumors may have hydrocephalus—increased pressure within the skull due to the production of too much CSF or blockage of its normal flow.

What is the basic working unit of the nervous system? ›

The basic unit of the nervous system is a nerve cell, or neuron. The human brain contains about 100 billion neurons.

What happens if a brain artery become clogged with a blood clot? ›

If a blood clot blocks the arteries leading to part of the heart muscle, it will cause a heart attack. If it blocks an artery in the brain, it will cause a stroke. Symptoms therefore depend on where the blood clot has formed.

How to remove blood clot in brain without surgery? ›

The drug tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) also helps to break up any clots that may form in the brain. Ischemia and reperfusion treatments can help remove clots and reduce post-treatment complications substantially. Exercise regularly, but do not strain yourself.

What are the 4 most important organs in the nervous system? ›

The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord, and a complex network of nerves. This system sends messages back and forth between the brain and the body. The brain is what controls all the body's functions. The spinal cord runs from the brain down through the back.

What part of the brain controls thinking? ›

The frontal lobe, located behind the forehead, does much of the work of complex thinking, like planning, imagining, making decisions, and reasoning.

How to heal the nervous system? ›

Rebalancing your nervous system means getting back to a state where you feel calm and centered. You can try practicing deep breathing exercises, spending time in nature, or taking short breaks during the day. Regular sleep, a balanced diet, and talking to someone you trust can also help.

What is the simplest behavioral act? ›

The simplest form of behavior, called a reflex, involves impulse conduction over a few neurons. This path is called a reflex arc. A. Sensory or afferent neurons transmit impulses from sensory receptors to the spinal cord or brain.

What carries messages from the sense organ to the brain? ›

Answer: Sensory neurons carry nerve impulses from sense organs and internal organs to the central nervous system. Motor neurons carry nerve impulses from the central nervous system to organs, glands, and muscles - the opposite direction.

What do neurons send messages through? ›

When neurons communicate, an electrical impulse triggers the release of neurotransmitters from the axon into the synapse. The neurotransmitters cross the synapse and bind to special molecules on the other side, called receptors. Receptors are located on the dendrites. Receptors receive and process the message.

What happens when a clot blocks a cerebral artery? ›

A thrombotic stroke occurs when a blood clot, called a thrombus, blocks an artery to the brain and stops blood flow. An embolic stroke occurs when a piece of plaque or thrombus travels from its original site and blocks an artery downstream. The material that has moved is called an embolus.

What happens when you have a blood clot in the brain? ›

When this happens, the brain can be deprived of oxygen as it is cut off. This can cause damage to the brain cells and even lead to death. While some people may experience a mild episode of this event without any symptoms, others may go on to have more serious complications, including seizures or death.

What is the abnormal condition of a blood clot in a blood vessel of the brain? ›

Causes of cerebrovascular disease may include: Blood clot that spontaneously forms in a blood vessel in your brain. This is “thrombosis” and usually happens in areas where your blood vessel is narrow or irregular. Blood clot that travels to your brain from elsewhere in your body (embolism).

What is the danger of having blood clot thrombus in IVC? ›

In some cases, a deep clot in a leg vein can break free and stick in a vessel in the lung. This can cause a blockage in the vessel called a pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolism can cause severe shortness of breath and even sudden death.


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