The Garfield Movie Ending Explained (2024)


  • The Garfield Movie reveals the heartwarming origin story of the beloved cat, Jon, and his father Vic.
  • An action-packed heist leads Garfield to reconcile with his father and save him from danger.
  • A post-credits scenes hint at potential sequels to explore new dynamics at Jon's house.

The Garfield Movie sees the titular house cat confronted with his complicated relationship with his father while taking part in a daring heist, but this all works out to a heartwarming ending. The Colombia Pictures film dives into the origin story of the beloved Garfield (Chris Pratt), revealing that he met Jon (Nicholas Hoult) after his father, Vic (Samuel L. Jackson), abandoned him in an alleyway. It didn't take long for the lasagna-loving kitten to sniff his way to the Italian restaurant where Jon was dining, and the pair were established as owner and pet shortly after. However, five years later, Garfield gets caught up in his father's mess.

While on a midnight food binge in 2024's The Garfield Movie, Garfield and Odie are kidnapped by two strange dogs, who are revealed to be henchmen to a villainous kitty named Jinx (Hannah Waddingham), who was an associate of Vic's before he allowed her to get captured and taken to the pound. The only way for Garfield to be safe again is for Vic to pay Jinx a quart of milk for every day she was behind bars—which is a lot considering she was in the pound for four years. Garfield and Vic (with the help of Odie) have no choice but to pull off a massive lactose heist and fix their relationship while they are at it.


The Garfield Movie, based on the famous comic strip, features a voice cast of many noteworthy stars, including Chris Pratt as the eponymous character.

Why Garfield's Father Abandoned Him

Vic Reveals That The Opening Scene Of The Garfield Movie Wasn't What It Seemed

The Garfield Movie Ending Explained (2)

The biggest reveal of The Garfield Movie is that Jackon's character, Garfield's father, didn't abandon his son after all. When Vic and Garfield were unable to work together due to the resentment between them, the older cat finally admitted that after leaving Garfield in a crate and telling him he would be right back, he had spent hours painstakingly getting his hands on a single small fish to feed his son. By the time he returned to feed him, Garfield had already found Jon and was happily munching away on pizza and lasagna—the kind of meal Vic could never hope to provide.

Seeing that Garfield was safe and fed with Jon, Vic decided to get out of the way. However, when the Monday-despising kitty was taken to the pound after the Lactose Farms heist, he learned that his father had never really been far. Vic would frequently sit in the tree near Jon's house, watching from afar to make sure that his kid was happy and taken care of. Every time that he visited, Vic left a mark on the tree. Once Garfield returned home and saw just how many times his father had come to see him, he knew he had to do something to fix their relationship.

Garfield & Vic Reconcile Their Relationship After Garfield Saves His Father

Vic & Garfield Work Out Their Differences In The Garfield Movie

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Despite learning the real reason Vic had left him in the alley, Garfield had given up hope on his father in The Garfield Movie after he ditched him at Lactose Farms. However, the realization that Vic had always kept an eye on Garfield changed things. The titular cat headed back to Jinx's hideout, looking for his dad, only to discover the villain's plan to throw Vic off a train while passing over a bridge. So, Garfield headed out on another adventure to rescue his father and stop Jinx once and for all with the help of Odie, Otto, and 6,000 takeout orders delivered by drone.

Garfield headed out on another adventure to rescue his father and stop Jinx once and for all with the help of Odie, Otto, and 6,000 takeout orders delivered by drone.

Because Vic had considered Garfield a pampered house cat, his son's daring plan to save him from Jinx took the older cat by surprise. Garfield applied a lot of the lessons his father had taught him on their milk heist, combining them with many of his own twists (like using takeout drones to attack Jinx and her henchmen). In the end, this allowed the pair to put their differences behind them. Once Garfield returned home to Jon at the end of The Garfield Movie, Vic became a frequent visitor. In fact, he basically became a house cat himself.


Garfield's New Movie Is All But Guaranteed To Break A 20-Year $208 Million Box Office Record

The Garfield Movie, which stars Chris Pratt as the voice of the Monday-hating feline, is primed to break a 20-year-old box office record in May.

How The Garfield Movie's Ending Sets Up A Sequel

The Garfield Movie's Post-Credits Scene Sets Up A Sequel

The Garfield Movie Ending Explained (5)

The Garfield Movie had a nice and tidy ending, with no loose ends that needed to be tied up. Still, there are a variety of ways that the door was left open for a sequel. The film ends with a montage showing Garfield and his dad's life together after their big adventure, with high-tech lounger chairs, plenty of takeout, and Odie at their beck and call. Still, it isn't entirely clear if Vic is a permanent resident of Jon's house or a visitor, as he claimed, leading up to The Garfield Movie's ending. A sequel could explore this further, as well as potentially bring back Jinx, whose need for revenge would have grown.

Though The Garfield Movie doesn't specifically set up a new story, the post-credits scene all but promises that a sequel is on the way. When the credits finished, a comic strip appeared on the screen, and Garfield cheekily asked the audience whether they were waiting for a sequel. This certainly seems to imply that Colombia already has something in store, but whether this actually comes to be will depend on the overall performance of the first film. If all goes well, The Garfield Movie 2 is sure to become a reality.

The Garfield Movie was released in theaters on May 24, 2024.

The Real Meaning Of The Garfield Movie's Ending

The Garfield Movie Uses Garfield's Father & New Friends To Establish A Brand New Franchise

The Garfield Movie takes a unique approach to the iconic cat's story, providing a brand new origin story covering how Garfield met Jon. However, the 2024 movie had very little to do with Jon in the end, and that is where it stands apart from past adaptations. Instead, we get Vic, who added a fun foundation to Garfield's story. Though the original Garfield comics and cartoons did sometimes mention a father character, the relationship between father and son was never explored. In this way, the ending of The Garfield Movie has opened the door to a brand new era for this beloved franchise.

The Garfield Movie sees a new dynamic at Jon's house, with Vic now a relatively permanent presence at the house. Garfield is no longer the only lazy, Monday-hating, food-loving cat since Vic is highly similar. Though the movie's ending is as straightforward and heartwarming as would be expected from a children's film, this subtle shift in the continuity is almost like a brand new timeline, this limitless opportunity to explore. The Garfield Movie may be the first movie adaptation of its kind, but the movie's ending indicates that it won't be the last.

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The Garfield Movie





The Garfield Movie Ending Explained (7)

Based on Jim Davis's comic series, Garfield is a new imagining of the lasagna-loving cat and his friends, opting for a fully computer-animated approach. Chris Pratt voices the titular cat, with the film aiming to explore his early days and new misadventures for him, his friends, and his family.

Mark Dindal

Release Date
May 24, 2024

Columbia Pictures , Alcon Entertainment , DNEG Animation , Amuse Entertainment , Paws, Inc.

Sony Pictures Releasing

David Reynolds
Chris Pratt , Samuel L. Jackson , Nicholas Hoult , Cecily Strong , Hannah Waddingham , Brett Goldstein , Bowen Yang , Ving Rhames

101 minutes
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  • Garfield (2024)

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The Garfield Movie Ending Explained (2024)


The Garfield Movie Ending Explained? ›

Vic said he'd come back for the kitten, but he never did.

How does the Garfield movie end? ›

At Jon's house, Garfield reconciles with Vic, and Vic promises to visit him often whenever they have dinner. Meanwhile, Jinx ends up working community service for Marge.

What happened in the Garfield movie? ›

Summaries. After Garfield's unexpected reunion with his long-lost father, ragged alley cat Vic, he and his canine friend Odie are forced from their perfectly pampered lives to join Vic on a risky heist.

Who is the villain in Garfield the movie 2024? ›

The movie is filled with emotional rollercoasters for almost every character, be it his father, Vic (Samuel L. Jackson), or the villain, Jinx (Hannah Waddingham), who kidnaps Garfield to seek vengeance on her ex-partner-in-crime Vic.

What is the plot of the Garfield movie 2024? ›

When did Garfield end? ›

From 1982 to 1991, twelve primetime Garfield cartoon specials and one hour-long primetime documentary celebrating the character's 10th anniversary were aired; Lorenzo Music voiced Garfield in all of them. A Saturday morning cartoon show, Garfield and Friends, aired for seven seasons from 1988 to 1994.

Is Garfield a villain or a hero? ›

Garfield is the main protagonist and anti-hero from many Garfield comic strips.

Did Garfield get assassinated? ›

Could Garfield have been saved? ›

At 1:00 P.M. he was pronounced dead. But modern medicine could certainly have saved the life of James Garfield. On July 2, 1881, Garfield entered a Washington railroad station en route to Williams College, his alma mater. His only guard was a local policeman, and as the President walked toward his train, Charles J.

What was the Garfield controversy? ›

A Wikipedia editing war raged last week over whether lethargic, lasagna-loving Garfield was male or genderless — a controversy that ultimately forced creator Jim Davis to put the gender identity of his marmalade-colored cat to rest.

Why did Garfield turn evil? ›

Garfield, at one point, used to be very similar to his original self, but turned demonic when a hostile parasite infected him and took over his body, corrupting and empowering it beyond recognition.

Who does Garfield hate? ›

Garfield is a fictional cat and the protagonist of the comic strip of the same name, created by Jim Davis. Garfield is portrayed as a lazy, fat, and cynical orange tabby Persian cat. He is noted for his love of lasagna and sleeping, and his hatred of Mondays, Nermal, and exercise.

How old is Garfield in 2024? ›

2024 is the forty-seventh year of Garfield.

How old is Garfield in human years? ›

As of September 2021, Garfield would be 43 years old in terms of his existence in the comic strip world. However, it's important to note that Garfield is a cartoon character and doesn't age like real-life beings. He's forever depicted as a perpetually middle-aged, lasagna-loving, and grumpy orange tabby cat.

Does Garfield have a gender? ›

Garfield was finally, officially listed as male on Wikipedia — citing four comic strips including one from 1979 in which a veterinarian says “he's too fat.”

What was the last movie Garfield was in? ›

Coming out 18 years after the last movie in the franchise, Garfield: A Tales of Two Kitties, the new movie stars Chris Pratt in the titular role. The Garfield Movie came out in North American theaters on May 24, and internationally on May 1.

Why did Garfield and Friends end? ›

With all the networks scaling back on their Saturday morning cartoon schedules, CBS, after the last episode of Garfield and Friends had been completed, proposed a reduction to the show's budget. As the show had been doing well enough in syndication, the production company found it unnecessary to produce more episodes.

What happens to Lyman in Garfield? ›

Once Lyman was no longer needed for that purpose, he was removed without explanation. Jim Davis has jokingly given explanations about Lyman's sudden disappearance and long absence from the strip; examples include "don't look in Jon's basem*nt" and "he joined the Peace Corps and was never heard from again."

Has the Garfield show ended? ›

The Garfield Show was a computer-animated television series adapted from the Garfield comic strip that was produced by Dargaud Media and aired on Cartoon Network and Boomerang from 2009 to 2016, lasting 5 seasons.


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